Excel error message: Error number 384

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Excel error message: Error number 384

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On December 9, 2014 Microsoft rolled out a number of security updates. Among them was security update KB2553154 for Microsoft Office 2010. This patch causes a “Run-time error 438 (Object doesn't support this property or method)” in all Excel applications containing Active-X buttons. The buttons used to call macros are disabled if the Excel workbook contain protected pages which are accessed by the macros. GedTool is effectively paralysed.

Close Excel and delete the MSForms.exd file in the folder C: \ Users \ <name> \ AppData \ Local \ Temp \ Excel8.0 \ The file is rebuilt next time you start Excel, and all of the ActiveX controls work again. Note:
• The folder <name> in the path mentioned above should be replaced by your username.
• The AppData folder is a hidden folder; if you can’t find it, open the Users folder with Windows Explorer, and open the item “Folder and search options” in the “Organize” menu. In the “Advanced settings” list of the “View” tab you will find an entry called “Hidden files and folders”, where you can choose the appropriate option to cause Windows to “Show hidden files, folders and drives”.
I am responsible for the English translation of the GedTool interface and manual; please let me know of any problems / inconsistencies / gaps in the translation.