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death indication without details

Verfasst: So 1. Mär 2015, 21:58
von mariannevanharten
In my gedcom are many people with only the fact that he/she past away.
The original gedcom only said:

When I import this into GedTool, I can't find that tag.
How can I figure out in GedTool which persons passed away now?

Re: death indication without details

Verfasst: Mo 2. Mär 2015, 21:16
von Martin-D
Hello guidovanharten,

I think it will help, if you fill in the gedcom after every 1 DEAT a line DATE BEF 2015 before you import the gedcom.


Re: death indication without details

Verfasst: Di 3. Mär 2015, 23:32
von mariannevanharten
Hello Martin,
Thanks for your reply.
I cancelled my 'project' to edit my family tree file.
First I would export my file into a gedcom, then make a lot a changes using GedTool and then reimporting it.
But the export is not the same as the import, i.e. my reilgious marriage is converted to the civil marriage and so on.
That are not impossibilities of GedTool, but impossibilities of my software.
I have to make the changes in another way using my software.